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What is Give to Glass?

 ​​Give to Glass is a fundraising campaign created by and for Glass Impact, a nationwide coalition of nonprofit, community-focused glass organizations collaborating to create equity and expand access to the glass arts.


Who's in Charge?

Glass Impact, the founding organization of Give to Glass, is operated as a collective. Each member of Glass Impact has an equal stake and an equity in decision making.


How are the Donations Distributed?

The funds raised via the Give to Glass campaign are distributed in equal shares to each member organization on a schedule that is mutually determined.


Is Give to Glass/Glass Impact a Nonprofit?

Glass Impact is a coalition of 501c3 nonprofits. The funds raised via the Give to Glass campaign are housed within a community foundation that is also a 501c3 nonprofit, and acts as a fiscal sponsor.  All donations made to the Give to Glass campaign are fully deductible to the extent prescribed by law.


Can My Organization Apply for Give to Glass Funds?

Give to Glass is a fundraiser designed by and for the coalition members of Glass Impact, and does not have external grantmaking plans at this time.


Can My Organization Join Glass Impact?

Glass Impact is rapidly scaling in order to accommodate a sudden surge in membership interest.  We are currently working together to form both a plan for growth and a membership application, and hope to share both in the coming weeks. 


How Were the Member Organizations Chosen?

As organizations governed by the principle of inclusion, limiting the members of Glass Impact was an incredibly difficult decision.  In order to narrow the field of worthy studios, we established three baseline principles.  The member organizations must be registered 501c3 nonprofits, they must be glass focused, and they must be community-serving organizations dedicated to promoting diversity and accessibility in the field.


Can I Donate by Check?

Yes!  Please send checks to the Princeton Area Community Foundation and be sure to note GIVE TO GLASS FUND in the memo line.



PO BOX 825454


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