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What is Give to Glass?

Give to Glass is a fundraising campaign created by and for Glass Impact, a nationwide coalition of nonprofit, community-focused glass organizations who are dedicated to equal access and uplifting diverse voices and ideas through glass. 


Glass Impact was first imagined by a small team of nonprofit studio administrators at a Glass Art Society conference, who connected but once a year at the Community Outreach panel.  They realized that their similar missions, struggles, and successes made them uniquely suited to support one another and to create systemic change within the glass community. 


After COVID-19 effectively shuttered the organizations of Glass Impact, it was clear that the focus must shift to a joint fundraising effort designed to keep any one of the studios from closing.  The Give to Glass campaign was soon launched. 


As a group we represent all of the leading organizations working to bring the art of glassmaking into communities of color, to veterans, and to those who would normally not have access to this medium for expression because of its cost-prohibitive nature. 


By supporting Glass Impact through the Give to Glass Campaign, you are making a statement:


A diverse and accessible glass community is the best way that we can move the industry forward, and we cannot afford to lose those who are fighting for inclusivity.


Glass Impact is:

Firebird Community Arts | Chicago, IL | ​@firebirdcommunityarts
Foci- Minnesota Center for Glass Art  | Minneapolis, MN | @focimcga
GlassRoots | Newark, NJ | @GlassRootsinc
Hilltop Artists | Tacoma, WA | @hilltopartists
North Carolina Glass Center | Asheville, NC | @NCGlassCenter
Public Glass | San Francisco, CA | @PublicGlass 
STARworks Glass | Star, NC | @STARworksglass
UrbanGlass | Brooklyn, NY | @UrbanGlass_nyc

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